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More than 90% of all pools in NSW fail the first certification inspection. That means repairs/changes have to be made within 6 weeks and Pool Fence Certifiers Sydney need to return for another inspection at an additional cost. At Pool Fence Certifiers Sydney we aim to get you certified on the first inspection. This cuts down your time and cost. Go through the below checklist to see the most common reasons pools don’t comply.

Pool Gates:
The pool gate must open outwards from the pool with no obstructions and be self closing. Gate hinges not to have a foot hold, or less than 900mm apart.

Trees and Plants:
No trees or overgrown branches, shrubs or potted plants near the fence. Ensure that your planting does not allow children to climb the fence.

Remove anything climable near fence eg: chairs, bench seats, tables, pool toy boxes, pool filter.

Resuscitation Chart:
An authorised resuscitation chart must be affixed and clearly visible in your pool area.

Any windows that open onto the pool area should have fixed security screens or be restricted to 100mm opening.

Must be structurally sturdy, no rust, adequate height, less than 100mm gap from the bottom of the fence to ground level and less than 100mm gap between any horizontal bars. No footholds greater than 10mm.

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Lic. No: BPB 2776
ABN: 40 244 751 694

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